We Will Be Reunited

The adventure continues

We Will Be Reunited

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data: 16/04/2021, Italia

Hello everybody,

There was some big news on Genshin Impact this week, but about the main story and not new characters this time around.  They have announced the release of a new quest which includes “Chapter 1: Act IV: We Will Be Reunited“.

To start the adventure, however, you need to be at least rank 36 and have completed the missions "Lupus Minor Chapter: Act I - The Meaning of Lupical" and "Chapter I: Act IV (Prelude) - Bough Keeper: Dainsleif" and here is our cue to enter.

 If you want to avoid unnecessary grind or want to get to the end of the quest immediately, contact us and our pro-players will do it for you!

Pubblicato il: 16/04/2021