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About us

We are a select group of passionate and competitive international gamers.
We have created this platform to connect gamers of any platform.

We want to connect gamers who do not have the time, the mood or the team to complete the various activities in the games they prefer, with an elite of qualified and selected gamers who can complete them for them.

What we propose is essentially a mediation service between players who request services and players who offer them. Our commitment is to always aim for the highest levels of professionalism, competence and courtesy and to always ensure the achievement of the objectives agreed with our customers.

Why our customers request our services:

  • Looking to improve your game level?
  • Are you looking for a team of multiplayer champions
    to complete your missions and gaming adventures at the highest level?
  • Are you looking for how to ensure to complete fixed-term missions?
  • Do you want to find professionals that will train you to become a champion in your favorite games?

If you just want to join in multiplayer games with good to excellent players or are just looking for someone to complete the tasks in the games on your behalf, we are here to help.

boost your game level


How we operate:

We propose ourselves as an intermediary platform between gamers of all ages, games, platforms and skills.

Our staff is made up of professional players. We constantly select new pro-players, qualifying them on the basis of the game and platform on which they excel and their professional reliability.

Their expertise is offered on the site in the form of "standard missions" that can be purchased by our customers in a limited number, so as not to create slowdowns in achieving the requested objectives.

Who we are: is a platform for offering and mediating services for gamers owned by ICAB srl, a company incorporated under Italian law, created by a community of passionate gamers.

We work every day to ensure that every customer remains 100% satisfied with our services.