Destiny 2: weapon forging and weapons tuning

New crafting features are coming

Destiny 2: weapon forging and weapons tuning

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data: 04/02/2022, Italia

Hello everyone,

after a few weeks of little to no news bungie is now giving us a lot of news about the changes and new features coming with The Witch Queen. What we are going to talk about now is the new weapon crafting and new weapons coming. A little bit into the campaign you will unlock a new area where you will be able to forge the weapons the way you want and like. Is not gonna be immediate, it will take some grind to unlock the full potential but the final result will be something that you can call yours, something that will fit your playstyle. The datails how to do it bungie explained it a little but we prefer to wait until is actually here to fully understand it.

With the weapons forging the other thing we wanted to tell you about is the new weapons. There will be a new world loot pool with weapons from the major foundries (häkke, suros, omolon etc…) with brand new perks exclusives only to those foundries. But, again, until we have the final product on our hands we can’t fully explain.

So let’s wait for the new DLC to come so we can get our hands on it and be ready to help you. The weapon crafting, the farm, anything. We will do the work for you. Just tell us what you want in the gun and we are going to do the dirty work!

Pubblicato il: 04/02/2022