Destiny 2: the Witch Queen is near

Last few updates before the drop

Destiny 2: the Witch Queen is near

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data: 18/02/2022, Italia

Hello everyone,

the new DLC is behind the corner and we are here to give you a few updates on the new changes coming. Just a little sample to get the appetite started.

The ”new” void subclasses will be fully unlocked for all the players but if you are a new light and start your adventure after The Witch Queen drops you will have to unlock it just like stasis when Beyond Light arrived. You will be able to personalize your guardian the way you want, without being forced to choose between 3 set builds.

This might sound complicated because now you have to craft your build and there is less hand holding but don’t worry, ask us and we will help you with every need!

Pubblicato il: 18/02/2022