Destiny 2: The Corrupted GM

and last week of FotL, Atheon’s challenge, new matchmaking ToO etc

Destiny 2: The Corrupted GM

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data: 29/10/2021, Italia

Hello everyone,

the last week of the Festival of the Lost bring us the last chance to farm for the Jurassic Green, the Grandmaster The Corrupted Nightfall, the Atheon challenge in the Vault of Glass and a new matchmaking system in the Trials of Osiris. Some of this things have been a success of popularity others a little bit less. But we all know how the community reacts to changes. The one thing that does not get affected are our pro players. They even with bad changes will keep helping you obtain whatever you desire. Check our catalogue, contact us, we will be ready!

Pubblicato il: 29/10/2021