Destiny 2: Proving Grounds GM is here

Last GM Nightfall available, Mayhem and new MM trials

Destiny 2: Proving Grounds GM is here

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data: 10/11/2021,

Hello everyone,

another week another Grandmaster Nightfall, the last one for the gilded seal. Proving Grounds will test the resilience of many team but the reward at the end can be The Palindrome, the best 140 rpm in the game. Looking at pvp this week offers Mayhem where you can just go in and use abilities all the time and having relaxed fun. The weekend of course will offers Trials again but with 2 changes: it will be capture the flag and the matchmaking will be purely card based with the flawless pool active starting Sunday. Ah, the map will be Endless Vale!

After all this we have to say to check our catalogue or contact us for any help in the game!

Pubblicato il: 10/11/2021