Destiny 2: No more blues

More news for Witch Queen about drops, power leveling and more

Destiny 2: No more blues

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data: 23/01/2022, Italia

Hello everyone,

ne week more news. For the upcoming DLC there are a few changes coming. First of all the drop of blue engrams. May not seem huge but it is. They will still drop from chests and enemies but not anymore as endgame rewards (crucible, gambit, strikes etc) as soon as you are above the soft cap of 1500. It will help not having the postmaster always full.

Another news is the new power level. When the new DLC drops everyone will be 1350 power level by default, the new soft cap will be 1500 (as said before), the power cap 1550 and the pinnacle cap 1560.

Ah, another thing. Since the spider is taking a break the new source of glimmer will be the cryptarch so no need to travel around all the time. And not only Master Rahool is changing. The gunsmith is having a rework just like Zavala, Shaxx and the Drifter did.

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Pubblicato il: 23/01/2022