Destiny 2: Legend Astral Alignment

As well as the Shattered Realm Legend and the second week of Festival the Lost

Destiny 2: Legend Astral Alignment

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data: 21/10/2021, Italia

Hello everyone,

another week as passed but a new difficulty on the seasonal activity has been added, Astral Alignment legendary difficulty. A triumph needed to get the seasonal seal and a guaranteed drop on the Ager’s Scepter Catalyst.

Beside Astral Alignment there is too the second week of the Shattered Realm on legendary version. All needed for the seasonal seal.

And, lastly, week 2 of festival of the lost. Everyone is having fun collecting candies and farming Haunted Lost Sectors for the Jurassic Green pulse rifle!

So, if you need help for any activity contact us or choose the order you like the most. Our pro-players are ready!

Pubblicato il: 21/10/2021