Destiny 2: Gjallardays and Thanksgiving

Two weeks until the 30th anniversary

Destiny 2: Gjallardays and Thanksgiving

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data: 25/11/2021, Italia

Hello everyone,

we at boostial games are not located in the US but still know that this is a time of holidays for our friends living in the US. So we would like to send our best wishes and thanks all the people who asked for our help!

That being said let’s dig on our little weekly update. This week’s Nightfall is the good old Lake of Shadow with The Hothead and Hung Jury, there is the Gambit Infamy reputation boost and showdown is the weekly playlist in the crucible. Beside this we just have to wait for the new content to arrive.

For any help with Destiny 2 check our catalogue or contact us!

Pubblicato il: 25/11/2021